The SPRK Process

Please submit an application to the SPRK Investor Network via email. There is no charge have your company reviewed for pre-approval. Please use the "Apply for Funding" button on the right side of this page to be connected directly to the application webpage. SPRK investors are industry agnostic and we will only review applications for companies located in the United Sates.

MEMBERSHIP - $499 per year
Upon review of the application, those companies that are pre-approved will be invited to join the SPRK Investor Network to begin the Funding Process. Membership is required to proceed to the next stage of the SPRK Funding Process. Membership includes the following benefits: 

  • Listing on the SPRK Investor Portal

  • Complimentary attendee passes to all SPRK Conferences and Networking Events

  • Opportunity to present and pitch at SPRK events

  • Detailed review of company Pitch Deck

  • Analysis of company Financial Model

  • Preliminary Due Diligence

  • Networking opportunities with Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, High Net Worth Individuals, and Accelerators

  • Panels, roundtables, business networking, and social events throughout the year