SPRK for Investors

The SPRK Investor Network is an organization of active investors.  Consequently, we are looking for prospective members who will be active investors and participants in selecting and mentoring high quality early stage and growth companies. We are actively seeking members who share our vision and will contribute to our process.

Access to Deals

Membership in the SPRK Investor Network offers investors many advantages. Our network provides increased deal flow to top emerging companies across a broad range of industries and Improved deal terms as a result of investing collectively.  We also offer the opportunity to work collaboratively to evaluate and learn during Due Diligence.


SPRK Investor Network develops close relationships with entrepreneur organizations and participates actively in the entrepreneur ecosystem. SPRK maintains relationships with university business schools, local accelerators, entrepreneur organizations, early and growth stage investment professionals, and trade organizations for area industries. 

You must be an Accredited Investor as defined by SEC Regulations. Our members have diverse backgrounds but most have had successful careers as entrepreneurs, senior executives or as professionals in law, accounting, medicine, etc. In general, angel investors own financial assets between $1M and $10M and are comfortable allocating up to 10% of their portfolio to high return/high risk investments such as early stage companies.

Accredited Investors