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Boston - March 29
CIC Cambridge

The SPRK Conference in Boston will be held at CIC Cambridge. It will include a capital raising Boot Camp with VC's and Angels, Company Pitches and will be followed by cocktails at the Venture Cafe gathering.



NY Metro / CT - July 12
OSD Darien

The SPRK Conference in Connecticut will be held at Office Suites of Darien. The event will include Entrepreneur Advisory Sessions, a capital raising BootCamp with VC's and Angels, and Company Pitches.  

Miami - December 2018
CIC Miami

The SPRK Conference in Miami will be held at CIC Miami in December of 2018.  It will include a capital raising Boot Camp with VC's and Angels, Company Pitches and will be followed by cocktails at the the Venture Cafe gathering.

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San Francisco - Jan 2019
Hyatt Regency

The SPRK Conference in San Francisco will be held within ALTS Capital, one of the fund industry's most respected conferences.  This multi-industry event will include a capital-raising boot camp and company showcases. 



SPRK Events and Conferences

Our events provide a venue for Early Stage and Growth companies to present their business models to the Venture Capital, High Net Worth and Angel Investing communities. They also include a Capital Raising Boot Camp and business networking throughout the all-day events.


Member Pitches
SPRK provides the perfect opportunity for growing companies to present before a distinguished group of investors. Each company has a 10-minute presentation hosted at one of our SPRK regional conferences.  We provide a working session and a detailed review of the financial model and pitch deck prior to each presentation. 

One-on-One Advisory Sessions
The SPRK Conference also includes One-on-One Advisory Sessions. These sessions provide SPRK members with highly personalized attention from investors, senior business professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs. They also provide a forum for preliminary business stress-testing and improvement.

Entrepreneur BootCamp
SPRK’s “BootCamp” is a value-added seminar providing a comprehensive overview of key issues facing entrepreneurs, with a focus on best practices for raising capital. It is structured in the form of modules and each one being led by a panel of seasoned industry experts. These practitioners are also available for consultation on an individual basis during the Exhibition.