About the SPRK Investor Network

The SPRK Investor Network is a multi-industry, North American investor group and a source of early-stage capital to key entrepreneurial zones.  SPRK features individual accredited investors and family offices from an extensive cross-section of sectors and backgrounds.

SPRK members not only invest, but also mentor entrepreneurs and connect them to business resources, providing critical support to the success of early-stage business and contributing to a robust ecosystem. SPRK members assist entrepreneurs and early-stage growth companies by serving as a key source of funding, mentorship, strategic advice, and educational resources

SPRK operates throughout the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North America. SPRK utilizes an extensive network of local partners and operates where there is a large pool of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and venture capital and private equity funds.  SPRK also maintains relationships with key universities, accelerators, trade organizations, and early-stage investment professionals.